At Incansoft, we pride ourselves on the effort made to ensure a quality user experience with all of our products and services.

We also recognize that from time to time our customers may require our assistance to overcome specific difficulties they’ve encountered while using our products.

To facilitate a speedy resolution to emergent technical issues, we offer our customers product support at no charge to them as needed. Our support services are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM, GMT +2, excluding American holidays.

When requesting our support, please send an email to Technical Support along with a brief description of how we may best be of assistance you. To save time and expedite your request, please include pertinent details, such as your operating system (for software) or FTP and cPanel login information.

Generally we are able to resolve most issues immediately, but should a protracted issue present itself, we will work closely with you and maintain open communications through the final resolution of the problem. Your input and patience during this process is, as always, welcome and appreciated.

Our most important goal at Incansoft is to leave you feeling delighted with your experience with us!